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Last Edited: 02 May, 2006     Go to the most recent press report . . .

Press Coverage.

Here in these new pages, in chronological order, are press and other media reports of Seamus Ludlow's sectarian murder in County Louth in 1976 and the Ludlow family's long struggle for truth and justice.

For the most part the articles, from local Newry and Dundalk newspapers and national daily and Sunday press, and other publications, are reproduced without comment. Many of the articles included on these pages have never been available online before. 

Included here are the Sunday Tribune's editorial calling for an inquiry  and ICCL's strong declaration of support for the Ludlow family's demand for a public inquiry. Included also are a few brief reports about the Dublin/Monaghan, Dundalk and Castleblayney bombings that claimed many lives in the months before Seamus Ludlow's murder. Also featured are reports of the progress of the private Barron Inquiry in Dublin and the long-awaited fresh inquest in Dundalk, both of which are due to end in 2004..

Press reports from 1976 reflect the horror that was felt by the Ludlow family and the immediate north Louth and south Armagh neighbourhood when Seamus Ludlow's dead body was found.

Looking back at those 1976 reports from a 2002 perspective it is notable that none of the articles featured on these pages reflect the Ludlow family's personal and private experience of shameful Gardai lies and hostility. Indeed, the reports reflect only public statements that the murder remained a mystery to the Gardai, while in fact the Ludlow family was being privately subjected to lies about alleged IRA involvement - and, worse still, vile lies about the involvement of members of Seamus' own family in his foul murder.

Another point that arises from these 1976 reports is the apparent absence of statements - either expressing sympathy or outrage - from the Dublin Government of that time. Indeed, the only national figure found to have gone on record was the late Patrick Donegan TD, Minister for Defence, in the Fine Gael-Irish Labour Party coalition government. Mr Donegan was a TD for County Louth and he was a personal acquaintance of the late Seamus Ludlow, who was a fellow-member of the Fine Gael party. It seems strange that the Dublin government itself appears to have had nothing to say about the murder of Seamus Ludlow.

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The Dundalk Democrat, 8 May 1976: Mountpleasant man murdered in cold blood Grim discovery on a by-road

The Dundalk Democrat, 8 May 1976: A brutal murder

The Sunday Press, 9 May 1976: "Santa" NO CLUE Town is outraged.

The Sunday World (Southern edition), 9 May 1976: Death in a lovers' lane...Who killed Santa Claus Gardai call us in to help

The Sunday World (Southern edition), 9 May 1976 (Continued): The spot where Santa Claus died

The Irish Press, 10 May 1976: Murder probe: no link with the SAS Gardai issue denial

The Argus, 14 May 1976: Sympathy with murder victim

The Argus, 14 May 1976: Louth murder: Provo statement

The Dundalk Democrat, 15 May 1976: The Ludlow murder No fresh developments

The Irish Independent, 16 May 1976: Murder Victim Wrong Man?

The Sunday World, 16 May 1976: Mistaken identity theory in Santa Claus killing. He was the "double" of top Provo

The Argus, 27 August 1976: Inquest hears of North Louth shooting

Monaghan County of Intrigue (1979) by the late Michael Cunningham: Quoting from Mr. Cunningham's account of his private investigation of Seamus Ludlow's murder. 

The Argus, special report 30 August 1985: On May 1st 1974, a forestry worker left his home to go for a drink: the following day his bullet riddled body was found. Nine years later we ask: WHO KILLED SEAMUS LUDLOW?

The Irish Times, 3 May 1996: Call to reopen 1976 murder

The Dundalk Democrat, 4 May 1996: The Seamus Ludlow murder

The Dundalk Democrat,11 May 1996: New information on Ludlow murder

The Sunday Tribune, 8 March 1998: Ed Moloney The  killing of Seamus Ludlow: Northern Editor reports on how the RUC covered up the part played by members of the security forces in a loyalist gang murder in County Louth in 1976.

The Argus (Dundalk), 13 March 1998: Can the long arm of the law be extended 22 years?

The Sunday Tribune, 15 March 1998: Questions raised over Ludlow Murder.

The Sunday Tribune Editorial, 15 March 1998: Time for Ludlow Inquiry.

The Dundalk Democrat, 21 March 1998: Ludlow Murder - Nearer the Truth?

The Argus, 19 June 1998: Call for public inquiry into Ludlow murder

The Dundalk Democrat,  20 June 1998: Public enquiry called for into Ludlow murder

The Argus, 3 July 1998: Charges may help resolve a 22 year mystery File Prepared on Ludlow murder

The Sunday Life, 12 July 1998: Ludlow-murder family doubtful of justice

The Sunday World, 12 July 1998: Loyalist Suspects Held For 22-Year 'IRA' Killing

The Sunday Tribune, 30 August 1998: Gardai had identities of Ludlow's killers

The Dundalk Democrat, 5 September 1998: Family Receive Further Information on Ludlow Murder

The Sunday Independent, 20 September 1998: Gardai have reopened 20-year-old murder case

The Sunday Life, 20 September 1998: Loyalist denies role in mystery murder 

The Dundalk Democrat, 26 September 1998: Ludlow investigations pick up pace?

The Sunday World, 27 September 1998: Ludlow killers were known for years Suspects identities passed to police but arrests never made

The Newry Reporter, 8 October 1998: Family blames Loyalists Family fights to clear murder victim's name Demand for public inquiry 

The Belfast Telegraph, 10 October 1998: Who really murdered Seamus Ludlow?

The Dundalk Democrat, 24 October 1998: Ludlow file sent to DPP

The Sunday Mirror, 25 October 1998: RAGE AT BORDER RAID ‘INVITES’

The Examiner (formerly The Crossmaglen Examiner), 27 October 1998: Public Inquiry into murder of Seamus Ludlow expected to open soon Civil Rights Group Report ready by New Year

ICCL News The Newsletter of the Irish Council for Civil Liberties, November 1998, Volume 10, Number 3: Inquiry Call into Murder cover-up

The Sunday Life, 29 November 1998: Murder cover-up conspiracy probe

The Dundalk Democrat, 16 January 1999: Ludlow murder - investigations continue

The Argus, 12 February 1999: Ludlow murder: Public meeting called for Dundalk "Family are not going to let this matter die"

The Dundalk Democrat, 13 February 1999: Report on Ludlow murder

Ireland on Sunday, 14 February 1999: What's the truth? There are at least three unusual aspects to the brutal murder over 20 years ago of Seamus Ludlow outside Dundalk. Some hard questions will be posed a public inquiry in Dundalk town hall this Thursday night.

The Newry Democrat, 17 February 1999: Public meeting to call for inquiry into the Seamus Ludlow murder

The Newry Reporter, 18 February 1999: Ludlow murder - human rights group backs public inquiry

The Irish News, 19 February 1999: Gardai accused of killing cover-up

The Dundalk Democrat, 20 February 1999: Ludlow family call for public inquiry

The Sunday Tribune,  21 February 1999: Ludlow inquiry faces resistance Calls for Ludlow inquiry face official resistance from Justice department, writes Ed Moloney

The Belfast Telegraph, 22 February 1999: Inquiry demand into 1976 killing

The Examiner (formerly The Crossmaglen Examiner), 23 February 1999: Family calls for public inquiry into killing

An Phoblacht-Republican News, 25 February 1999:

The Argus,  26 February 1999: Seamus Ludlow: The unanswered questions

The Argus, 26 February 1999: Claim the police know who did killing

The Argus, 26 February 1999: Family feel that Irish authorities colluded in a cover-up to protect guilty

The Argus, 26 February 1999: Interview implicated UDR captain in death

The Dundalk Democrat, 27 February 1999: Further support for Ludlow family

Saoirse Irish Freedom, March 1999: Ludlow killing: Dublin’s catalogue of shame

The Examiner (formerly The Crossmaglen Examiner), 2 March 1999: Family of Seamus Ludlow seek Council support

The Irish News, 13 March 1999: Minister's pledge of justice in 1976 case Reassurances to relatives of murder victim

The Dundalk Democrat, 27 March 1999: Further progress in "Ludlow" enquiries

MAGILL Ireland's Current Affairs Monthly, April 1999: Murder, Collusion & Lies

The Irish News, 13 April 1999: Council backs appeal plea by victim's family

The Dundalk Democrat, 17 April 1999: Newry Council support Ludlow family cause

The Sunday Times, 2 May 1999: RUC probes claims of police collusion with terrorists

The Irish News, 5 May 1999: Victim's relatives unveil plaque

Ireland on Sunday, 9 May 1999: Dundalk family demands end to lies

The Irish News, 11 May 1999: Family of victim hits out at RUC and gardai

The Argus, 14 May 1999: Ludlow family invited to lay wreath

The Sunday Tribune, 16 May 1999: Ludlow inquiry shows collusion

The Irish Independent, 19 May 1999: New Inquiry to unravel mystery of 1976 murder

The Irish News, 20 May 1999: Gardai to launch probe into 1976 border killing

The Argus, 21 May 1999: "Great news" say members of family Full enquiry into Ludlow murder has been ordered

The Irish News,  21 May 1999: Ludlow inquiry moves expected

Dundalk Democrat, 22 May 1999: Government inquiry into Ludlow murder?

The Sunday Tribune,  23 May 1999: Cabinet to decide on Ludlow inquiry

The Irish News, 24 May 1999: Collusion inquiry ‘to shake Republic’

The Examiner (formerly The Crossmaglen Examiner), 25 May 1999: Ludlow inquiry to be announced

The Newry Democrat, 26 May 1999: Ludlow inquiry receives cautious welcome from family

The Sunday World (Northern Edition), 30 May 1999: Republic's shock over Gardai/Brit collusion Will the Irish politicians dig for truth about '74 bombs

The Irish News, 2 July 1999: Family still awaits DPP verdict

The Irish News, 27 July 1999: Family angry at "stalling" over inquiry

RTE, 05 August 1999: Relatives of 1974 bomb victims demand public inquiry

BBC: Thursday, 5 August, 1999  Special Report Inquiry call into 1974 loyalist atrocity

The Irish Times, 6 August 1999: Private inquiry likely into 1974 bombings Victims angry at proposal

The Irish Examiner, 6 August 1999: Perceptions of cover up from a closed inquiry

The Irish Examiner, 6 August 1999: Victims demand justice

The Irish News, 7 August 1999: Ludlows call for public inquiry

The Dundalk Democrat, 7 August 1999: Ludlow murder inquiry report "A place and a name"

The Sunday Tribune, 8 August 1999: The case that is not going to go away

The Examiner (formerly The Crossmaglen Examiner), 10 August 1999: Report recommends inquiries into Ludlow murder, Dundalk bombing

The Irish Echo, 11-17 August, 1999: Report urges private bomb probe of 1974 Republic bombs

An Phoblacht / Republican News, 12 August 1999: Dublin/Monaghan and Ludlow inquiries must be public Report of the Victims Commission 

The Dundalk Democrat, 14 August 1999: "Ludlow inquiry must be public" - says Arthur Morgan

The Dundalk Democrat, 14 August 1999: "Dublin/Monaghan bombings inquiry should be public" says O Caolain

The Dundalk Democrat, 21 August 1999: "A deafening silence"

The Sunday Tribune, Letters to the Editor, 19 September 1999: In support of Ed Moloney

The Irish Examiner, 30 September 1999: Bombings investigations but no public inquiry

The Irish Times, 30 September 1999: Relatives condemn bombings inquiry plan

The Argus Weekender, 2 October 1999: Cabinet broadens scope of enquiry to include the Dundalk bombing

The Dundalk Democrat, 2 October 1999: Private enquiries into Ludlow murder and Dundalk bombing

The Sunday Tribune, 3 October 1999:  Ludlow inquiry limited 

The Irish Times, 13 October 1999: Victims seek wider inquiry

The Irish News,  13 October 1999: Families call for inquiries into loyalist murders

An Phoblacht/Republican News, 14 October 1999: Relatives demand justice

The Dundalk Democrat, 16 October 1999: "Border Relatives" group established

The Sunday Tribune, Sunday 17 October 1999, by Ed Moloney: North's DPP has decided not to charge Loyalists arrested in connection with Ludlow killing

The Irish Times,  20 October 1999: DPP decides against Ludlow case charges

The Irish News, 20 October 1999: Relatives reject "cover-up" inquiry

The Irish News, 21 October 1999: SF calls for inquiry into '76 murder

An Phoblacht/Republican News, 21 October 1999: No prosecutions in Ludlow case Call on Taoiseach to revise decision on 'private' inquiry

The Argus, 22 October 1999: RUC decide not to prosecute the men who admit to the murder

The Dundalk Democrat, 23 October 1999: No prosecution in Ludlow murder

The Examiner (formerly The Crossmaglen Examiner), 26 October 1999: Sinn Fein condemns DPP decision

An Phoblacht/Republican News, 4 November 1999: Taoiseach to "reassess'' Ludlow case

The Dundalk Democrat, 6 November 1999: TD's questions about Ludlow case

The Irish Independent, 8 November 1999: Wilson supports extradition of four

The Sunday Tribune, 12 December 1999:

O'Donoghue to consider 'Public' inquiry into Ludlow murder


An Phoblacht/Republican News, 16 December 1999: Ludlow family distressed by meeting

The Argus, 24 December 1999: Investigation to include Dundalk bombing and the Ludlow murder

The Dundalk Democrat, 25 December 1999: Support From County Council For Public Enquiry Into Ludlow Murder

The Irish News, 14 June 2000: Ahern accused of ignoring victims' pleas

Irish American Information Service (IAIS), 14 June 2000: AMNESTY REPEATS CALL FOR INDEPENDENT NELSON INQUIRY

The Dundalk Democrat, 24 June 2000: Amnesty supports family's fight for public inquiry

The Irish Examiner, 12 August 2000: When a state turns to murder Book Review

Irish Resistance Books online (undated): Bookreview Unfinished Business 'Unfinished Business: State Killings and the Quest for Truth'  by Bill Rolston (Beyond the Pale Publications £12.99

The Irish Examiner, 16 September 2000: Civil liberties group calls for ombudsman to police gardaí

An Phoblacht/Republican News, 8 February 2001: Ludlow movement soon?

The Sunday Tribune, 18 February 2001: SDLP may break with SF on policing 

The Sunday Tribune, 15 April 2001: O'Loan asked to investigate Ludlow killing

The Irish News, 17 April 2001: RUC 'must be investigated'

An Phoblacht/Republican News, 26 April 2001: Seamus Ludlow 25th Anniversary Commemoration Thistlecross, County Louth, 4pm, 29 April

The Dundalk Democrat, 28 April 2001: Twenty-five years on and Ludlow murder remains unsolved

Ireland on Sunday, 29 April 2001: Murder probe review pledge

The Irish News, 30 April 2001: Loyalist victim is remembered

The Examiner (formerly The Crossmaglen Examiner), 1 May 2001: Ludlow family 'know name of the loyalist killer'

The Dundalk Democrat, Saturday 5th May 2001: Seamus Ludlow commemorated at simple but moving ceremony. Treated like a dog and thrown in a ditch.

The Dundalk Democrat, 19 May 2001: Justice Minister meets murder victims' families

The Sunday Tribune, 20 May 2001: Inquiry into Louth murder criticised

The Dundalk Democrat, 26 May 2001: Ludlow relatives have further meeting with minister

Sunday Business Post, 17 June 2001: Murdered man's family says justice minister was `hostile'

The Argus, 29 June 2001: Deputy seeks a forum to process cases such as that of Seamus Ludlow


The Dundalk Democrat, 18 August 2001: Minister considering ways of proceeding with Ludlow enquiry

The Irish News, Letters to the Editor, 28 November 2001: All cases of suspected collusion should now be fully investigated

The Sunday Tribune, 2 December 2001: Long list of those who want no Finucane inquiry

The Dundalk Democrat, 22 December 2001: Dundalk bomb victims' families still waiting on public inquiry

The Dundalk Democrat, 26 January 2002: Blayney bombing to feature in new book

The Irish News, Letters to the Editor, 19 February 2002: The Garda have been getting away with it

The Dundalk Democrat, 23 February 2002: Meeting with Attorney General

The Irish News, 23 February 2002: 'Public inquiry needed'

The Dundalk Democrat, 2 March 2002: Ludlow murder: Relatives draw a blank in meeting with McDowell

The Dundalk Democrat, 9 March 2002: Ludlow relatives meet NI Ombudsman Sympathy but no new information

The Dundalk Democrat, 27 April 2002: Ludlow family happy with Dublin meeting

The Argus, 3 May 2002: File still opened on Ludlow murder - Commissioner

The Dundalk Democrat, 4 May 2002:  Dundalk bombing enquiry

The Argus, 10 May 2002: Oliver family now seeking answers from SF candidate

The Times, 10 May 2002: IRA killing haunts Sinn Fein poll campaign

The Irish Times, 11 May 2002: Louth man asks SF candidate about murder of his father by IRA in 1991

The Sunday Independent, 12 May 2002: Victim's family makes IRA murder a key issue

The Argus, 15 May 2002: Morgan answers letter from Olivers' on father's death

The Argus, 15 May 2002: Oliver murder dominates the final days of the campaign

The Dundalk Democrat, 18 May 2002: Book claims to identify Dundalk bombers

The Irish Times, 18 May 2002: 1974 bomb victims remembered in Dublin ceremony


The Irish Independent, 19 July 2002: Fresh inquest into death of murdered man

The Irish News, 19 July 2002: Family welcome inquest 26 years after murder

The Irish Times, 19 July 2002: New inquest ordered into Louth man's death


The Dundalk Democrat, 20 July 2002: Second inquest to be held into the death of Seamus Ludlow

The Sunday Life, 28 July 2002: Inquest to name Ludlow killers

The Irish Examiner Online - Breaking News, 29 July 2002: Call for public inquiry into 1976 murder

Ulster Television (UTV), online 29 July 2002: Celtic League in demand over murder

The Examiner (formerly The Crossmaglen Examiner), 30 July 2002: Ludlow killers to be named

The Irish News, 6 August 2002: Celtic League to fight on for murder inquiry

The Argus (Dundalk), 23 August 2002: Coroner wants the law changed to compel witnesses to attend inquests

The Irish News, 27 August 2002, Loyalist victim's family call for answers

The Irish News, 29 August 2002: Murder bullets lost, Ludlow family told

Magill Magazine, September 2002:The Truth Trickles Out   Mystery has always surrounded the 1974 Dublin and Monaghan bombings. An independent inquiry has been set up to look at the events surrounding the attacks, and the bombing of Dundalk the following year. Donall O Maolfabhail reports on its likely findings.

The Dundalk Democrat, 21 September 2002: Barron investigations lead to public inquiry into Dundalk bombing

The Dundalk Democrat, 21 December 2002: Author identifies those who may have been responsible Book on bombing to be launched on Saturday

The Dundalk Democrat, 21 December 2002:  Nearly 30 years on from Dundalk bombing and the fight for justice continues

The Dundalk Democrat, 04 January 2003: A photograph of Joe Tiernan's book launch in Dundalk. (See above Dundalk Democrat 21 December 2002)

The Sunday Times, January 12, 2003: Army 'link' to Dublin bombings

RM Distribution, 13 January 2003: Dublin/Monaghan bombs came from British Army - report

Sunday Business Post, 19 January 2003: Dublin-Monaghan: will the truth finally out?

Ulster Television News online, 27 February, 2003: Irish justice group 'furious' over Barron Inquiry

The Irish Examiner online edition, 27 February 2003: Group calls for new Dublin-Monaghan bombings inquiry

BBC News online, 28 February 2003: Troubles victims fund set up

The Irish News, 5 March 2003: Family's wait for murder file over

The Dundalk Democrat, 8 March 2003: Ludlow murder: files to be made available

The Irish News, 11 March 2003: Family 'cautious' over inquest progress

The Dundalk Democrat, 15 March 2003: Plaque to Patrick Mone unveiled

The Irish News, 21 March 2003: Loyalist murder inquiry call renewed

The Irish Sun, 26 March 2003: Report on Ludlow to be unveiled

The Daily Irish Star, 26 March 2003: Inquiry into man's murder

The Irish News, 27 March 2003: Government 'will not keep Ludlow secrets'

The Blanket, 29 May 2003: Britain's Dirty War in Ireland

The Irish Times, 13 June 2003, Inquest on 1974 Dublin bombs to reopen

The Irish Independent, 13 June 2003: Victims and families a step nearer the truth

The Sunday Business Post, 29 June 2003: Irish government `helped the British' during Troubles

The Irish Independent, 22 July 2003: AG is urged to reopen inquests into bomb deaths

The Examiner (formerly The Crossmaglen Examiner), 5 August 2003: Victims' families demand truth about collusion

The Dundalk Democrat, 16 August 2003: Date for Ludlow inquest

The Irish News, 7 October 2003: Coroner still awaiting copy of murder report

The Argus, Obituaries, 10 October 2003: Brendan held strong Republican ideals

Ireland on Sunday, 12 October 2003: Top names linked to Dublin-Monaghan atrocity Bombs report names gardai 'collaborators'

The Irish Examiner, 30 October 2003: IRA gets tough on disarmament

The Sunday Independent, 2 November 3003: Net is closing in on Dublin car bombers

The Dundalk Democrat, 8 November 2003: Dundalk bombing and Ludlow murder ignored

The Dundalk Democrat, 8 November 2003: Family feel inquiry will make little difference

The Dundalk Democrat, 8 November 2003: Inquest could be next January

The Irish News, 8 November 2003: No mention of Dundalk victims in Barron report

The Irish News, 11 November 2003: Interview loyalist over witness claim judge told

Ulster Television News Online (UTV), 2 December 2003: TDs to view Barron Report.

The Dundalk Democrat, Editorial, 20 December 2003: No cause for optimism following Barron Report

The Dundalk Democrat, 20 December 2003: Missing files a matter of concern for Ludlow relatives

The Dundalk Democrat, 20 December 2003: Bombing families fear truth will never be known

The Irish Daily Star (Northern Edition), 29 January 2004: Family wants truth about murder

The Sunday Mercury, (English Midlands newspaper) 8 February 2004: Midland man may face 1976 murder quiz

The Irish Daily Star (Northern Edition), 9 February 2003: 'Shine light on Ludlow files' Family calls for answer Exclusive

The Sunday World, 15 February 2004: Killed and Forgotten How an innocent hero was killed by loyalist murder squad

RTE Television News, online, 23 February 2004: Barron meets relatives of man killed by UDA

The Irish News, 24 February 2004: Relatives of 1976 murder victim meet Justice Barron

The Irish Daily Star, 24 February 2004: Loyalist murder report hope

The Dundalk Democrat, 28 February 2004: Gardai have the Ludlow bullets

The Dundalk Democrat, 28 February 2004: Murder on their mind

The People, 29 February 2004: Ludlow suspect slams loyalists 'Drug dealers make me mad'

The Sunday Life, 29 February 2004: Loyalist terror suspect spurns former cause

The Sunday Business Post (Letters page), 29 February 2004: McDowell and Sinn Féin finance

Irish Daily Star (Northern Edition), 1 March 2004: Ludlow nephew calls on Justice Barron to locate bullets that killed his uncle Seamus in 1976

The Irish Daily Star (Northern Edition), 1 March 2004: 'Murder suspect is after publicity' Family speak out as 'Mambo' denies killing 'Mambo's linked himself to the killing'

The Irish News, 3 March 2004: Murder suspect 'on a sick ego trip'

The Dundalk Democrat, 6 March 2004: Suspect says he was not involved in Ludlow murder

The Irish Daily Star, 1 April 2004: Call for bombings inquiry in U.K. Dail committee reports findings.

The Irish News, April 1 2004:'Cory-style  bombings probe should be held in the north'

The Irish News, April 1 2004: Collusion 'likely' according to Barron Report

The Irish News, 5 May 2004: Barron Report Due Next Month

The Irish News, 20 May 2004: Coroner plans inquest despite Garda hold-up

The Dundalk Democrat, 22 May 2004: A Quiet Anniversary

The Dundalk Democrat, 29 May 2004: Ludlow inquest before the end of July

The Irish Sunday Mirror, 13 June 2004, Ken Murray Our Man in the House column: Why the high failure rate?

The Irish Daily Star (Northern Edition), 23 July 2004: Gardai in murder case 'cover-up' Family claims Barron probe will reveal it

The Irish News, 29 July 2004 Southern News Coroner awaiting gardai findings in murder case 

Report on Ludlow murder ready ‘in autumn’

The Dundalk Democrat, 07 August 2004: Family to see Ludlow murder file for first time

The Irish News, 7 August 2004: Barron due to publish report

The Irish Daily Star Sunday, 8 August 2004: Revealed The Shocking findings of report into killing Cover-up Seamus was shot four times in the chest . .  . now a secret report will rock Gardai as it probes the botched murder investigation 

The Argus, 13 August 2004: The families of Dundalk bomb victims stay positive about enquiry

The Dundalk Democrat, 14 August 2004: Dundalk families meet judge

The Dundalk Democrat, 14 August 2004: Bomb victims families meet Judge Barron

The Dundalk Democrat, 14 August 2004: Original inquest deemed sloppy work

The Dundalk Democrat, 14 August 2004: Upset at judge's reluctance to criticise investigation

The Irish News,  17 August 2004: 'Christmas' bombing secrets may be told

The Irish News, August 31, 2004: Top garda's evidence sought

The Irish News, 18 September 2004: Sister 'may die' before the truth is uncovered 

The Argus, 8 October 2004: Report into Dundalk bombings

The Irish News, 15 October 2004: Garda fails to provide key report for inquest

The Irish News,  27 October 2004: Garda report on murder released

The Dundalk Democrat, 27 October 2004: Ludlow report submitted to coroner

The Irish Times, 27 October 2004: Government to support inquiry into killing of Louth man

The Irish News, 4 November 2004: Barron report to be studied

The Argus, 5 November 2004: Deputy urges public enquiry into murder of Seamus Ludlow

RTE, 11 November 2004: Ludlow inquest preliminary hearing soon

The Irish News, 28 December 2004: Murder inquest set for January

The Dundalk Democrat, 30 December 2004: Second inquest into Ludlow murder

The Sunday Mirror, 23 January 2005: Try to find the truth

RTE online, 24 January 2005: Dublin bombings inquiry 'disappointed'

State kept bombing files secret, say families

Daily Ireland, 4 February 2005: Dundalk angry at PM

The Irish News, 10 March 2005: Ludlow murder report to be published soon

The Irish News, 20 April 2005: Family 'treated like dirt' over delay of report into murder

The Irish News, 26 April 2005: Inquest into 1976 murder set to begin

The Belfast Telegraph, 27 April 2005: Second inquest into 1976 Dundalk killing

The Argus (Dundalk), 6 May 2005: Seamus Ludlow Inquest

The Sunday Business Post, 8 May 2005: Coroner to re-examine 1976 murder

The Sunday Mercury, 8 May 2005: Do secret papers link this man to terrorist murder?

The Sunday Tribune, 22 May 2004: "There are top politicians with blood on their hands"

RTE News, 24 May 2005: Date set for new Ludlow inquest

The Irish Independent, 25 May 2005: New inquest in Ludlow killing case

The Dundalk Democrat, 25 May 2005: Second hand information not helping Ludlow inquiry

The Dundalk Democrat, 25 May 2005: Family's 30 year wait for second inquest nears end

The Argus ( Dundalk ), 27 May 2005: Date set for second inquest into Seamus Ludlow murder

The Argus (Dundalk), 17 June 2005: Ludlow inquest adjourned to autumn

The Dundalk Democrat, 6 July 2005: Website names the Ludlow four

Ulster Television online report, 5 September 2005: Inquest into death of Seamus Ludlow

RTE News online report, 5 September 2005 17:19: Second inquest into Louth murder

The Irish News, 6 September 2005: Gardai 'had details' about Ludlow case

Daily Ireland, 6 September 2005: Suspects known by Garda HQ

Daily Ireland, 6 September 2005: Murder of quiet man

Daily Ireland - Editorial: State's Dirty Secrets

The Irish Daily Star, 6 September 2005: 'Gardai did not follow up on murder details'

The Irish Sun, 6 September 2005: Murder suspect list 'was ignored'

The Irish Examiner, 6 September 2005: Garda HQ 'suppressed murder probe'

The Irish Independent, 6 September 2005: Garda chiefs 'sat on murder report'

The Irish Times, 6 September 2005: Forestry worker murdered by UDA, inquest told

The Belfast Telegraph, 6 September 2005: Garda 'quashed' probe into UDA link to murder

RTE News online, 6 September 2005 22:08: Unlawful killing verdict at Ludlow inquest

Daily Ireland, 6 September 2005: EDITORIAL: States’ dirty secrets

The Irish News, 7 September 2005: 'Gardai evidence strengthens case for public inquiry'

The Irish Daily Star, 7 September 2005: 'UDA' Murder Probe Call

The Dundalk Democrat, 7 September 2005: Seamus Ludlow murder is now officially an unlawful killing

Daily Ireland, 7 September 2005: Call for public inquiry

The Belfast Telegraph, 7 September 2005: Probe call into 1976 murder

The Irish Independent, 7 September 2005: Ludlow family renew plea for murder inquiry

The Irish Times, 7 September 2005: Inquest told of statements admitting part in killing

The Irish Sun, 7 September 2005: 'Loyalist kill was random'

The Irish Examiner, 8 September 2005: A file will always remain open, say gardaí

The Irish News, 8 September 2005: O'Loan had concerns over Ludlow probe

The Irish Sun, 8 September 2005: Tell us what you know about Seamus's murder

The Argus (Dundalk), 9 September 2005: Identity of Ludlow's killer known to Gardai

The Argus (Dundalk), 9 September 2005: Unlawful Killing

RTE News online, 9 September 2005: Ahern to raise Ludlow murder with Hain News, 9 September 2005, Ahern To Raise Ludlow Murder With Hain

The Irish Examiner, 10 September 2005: Ahern to raise issue of Ludlow murder

The Irish News, 10 September 2005: Minister to raise 1976 murder with secretary

Daily Ireland, 10 September 2005: Minister to raise murder

The Irish Sunday Mirror, 11 September 2005: Publish or be damned

Daily Ireland, 10 September 2005: Letters to the Editor Garda deficiencies run very deep

The Dundalk Democrat, 21 September 2005: Jury was on the verge of a walkout

The Dundalk Democrat, 21 September 2005: We were afraid to talk back Sisters break their silence

The Phoenix, Vol. 23, No. 19, 23 September - 6 October 2005: Ludlow Murder Cover-Up

RTE News online, 28 September 2005: Ahern concerned by Ludlow report

The Argus, 30 September 2005: Minister raised Ludlow murder with NI Secretary

The Sunday World, 16 October 2005 (Northern edition only): 30 years on - secrets behind an evil killing Gardai blamed IRA gang

UTV news online, 3 November 2005: 'Barron report to be published', 3 November 2005: Ludlow murder was 'random sectarian killing' - Barron

The Argus (Dundalk weekly), 4 November 2005: Barron report into Ludlow murder due in few weeks

Daily Ireland, 4 November 2005: Ludlow relatives accuse authorities of not pursuing killers because of fear of upsetting British Family lashes government

The Irish News, 4 November 2005: Ludlow murder 'a random sectarian killing

The Belfast Telegraph, 4 November 2005 (early print edition): More delays for Ludlow family

The Irish Independent, 4 November 2005: Ludlow family insists public inquiry is crucial for justice

BBC News online: 4 November 2005: Call for public inquiry into 1976 murder

RTE News online, 4 November 2005: Wren rejects Barron report finding

The Irish Times, 4 November 2005: Ludlow report criticises Garda investigation

The Irish Times, 5 November 2005: A quiet man known for his charity

The Irish Times, 4 November 2005: 'If the IRA had killed him we would have been treated better'

The Irish Times, 4 November 2005: Former senior Garda officers may be called to Oireachtas committee

The Irish Times, 4 November 2005: Former Garda chief threatens action

The Irish Times, 4 November 2005: Former Garda chief criticised murder investigation

The Irish Times, 4 November 2005: Garda stopped from quizzing suspects

The Belfast Telegraph, 4 November 2005 Relatives of man killed by loyalists urge police action probe

The Irish Examiner - Editorial, 4 November 2005: Family needs a full-scale inquiry

The Irish Examiner, 4 November 2005: Report critical of handling of Ludlow case

The Irish Examiner, 4 November 2005: 'We think this goes right to Cabinet level'

The Irish Sun, 4 November 2005: Storm as Ludlow report is revealed

Irish Daily Star, 4 November 2005: No result in death probe Gardai ignored RUC tip on loyalist killers of Louth man

The Irish Examiner, 5 November 2005: Wren rejects claims of links to Ludlow case

Daily Ireland, 5 November 2005: Ludlow suspect in swap deal

The Irish News, 5 November 2005: Ludlow family call for public inquiry into death

The Irish Independent - Editorial, 5 November 2005: A different country

The Irish Independent, 5 November 20095: Garda chief vows to clear his name in Ludlow probe inquiry

The Irish Times, 5 November 2005: Wren rejects claim on role in Ludlow inquiry

The Irish News - Editorial, 5 November 2005: Ludlow family deserve justice

The Belfast Telegraph, 5 November 2005: Loyalist named in Ludlow murder inquiry admits: I Was There But I Didn't Kill Him

The Belfast Telegraph, 5 November 2005: Ludlow Murder Witness Battles To Clear His Name

The News of the World, 6 November 2005: I'm no killer, says 'branded' UDA man Loyalist hits at Report

The Sunday Life, 6 November 2005: 'Murder car' man feels like a victim

The Belfast Telegraph, 8 November 2005: Victims group questions report into loyalist killing

The Irish Times, 8 November 2005: Ludlow family seeks sworn public inquiry

The Dundalk Democrat, 9 November 2005: Full public inquiry is Ludlow aim

The Argus (Dundalk), 11 November 2005: Four suspected of killing named

The Argus (Dundalk), 11 November 2005: Family’s call for a full public inquiry remains unchanged

The Argus (Dundalk), 11 November 2005: “We’re overjoyed all we wanted was truth of killing to emerge”

The Argus (Dundalk), 11 November 2005: Gardai were ordered to ‘abandon’ plans to interview four suspects

The Sunday World (Northern edition), 13 November 2005: Jim Campbell Truth is out there

Daily Ireland, 16 November 2005: Finucanes call for lawsuit

The Dundalk Democrat, 30 November 2005: Jimmy fights system to get justice for uncle

Most recent report,

The Sunday World, 4 December 2005: Gardai did go North

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