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Please support justice for Seamus Ludlow.

The Ludlow family  extends its gratitude to all our kind supporters who placed kind messages of encouragement and support on this Guestbook. Though this Guestbook has been discontinued, a new Guestbook is now available. Just use the link graphic above to go to our new Guestmap. Again, Thanks for all for your continued support for the Ludlow family's struggle for justice for Seamus Ludlow.

Anastasia   13/Aug/2002:07:01:35
May justice be done for all Ireland people who murdered for freedom.
Sorry my english are no good I'm from Greece.
Jeannie and Jim   12/Aug/2002:00:18:20
Our Dear Michael and Family:

As Jim wrote below, all will be made known to the full entitlement of
the truth for Seamus Ludlow and those who had a hand in his death. You
and your family are heroes to my children and to those who see the
complete contempt that the brits and their lackeys have for all Irish.
We believe there shall be a day of reckoning and those who dealt the
pain and harm will be held up to answer for their deeds. Stay the
course. Fair winds and following seas.

Jeannie and Jim
Ryan Boylan BOYLAN'S PLACE 10/Jul/2002:12:55:14
May justice show itself very soon.
Jim -&- Jeannie   01/Jul/2002:23:46:41
Michael, Cousin Jimmy....One day at a time, inch by inch you will tear
down the walls of deception and lies and the truth will
surface....please anytime, you know we will do what we can....the dawn
of truth will soon rise and justice will be served...the truth will be
revealed. Keep the faith friend.
Your friends:
J -&- J
Polly www.mastiff-dogs.com 10/Jun/2002:01:28:13
Charming presentation. Your site is delightful.
jim o'brien   08/Jun/2002:00:43:30
i beg forgiveness of the fact that i did not pay respect to Seamus
before making a selfish request to locate a relative. Please accept my
jim o'brien   08/Jun/2002:00:32:49
i came upon this website during some research of my relative Raymond
McCreesh. I live in Chicago, a descendant of Michael Hart and Bridget
McCreesh of Newry, Ireland, and would love to gain contact with Brian
McCreesh. If someone within this group can expedite contact with him
online i would appreciate your help. My email address is
jimmobrien@msn.com My mother, Joan O'Brien (Hart), I believe had met
Brian during her visit to Ireland a few years ago. If you can help me
with an email contact - providing him with my email address and a
copy/paste of this message, i would greatly appreciate it.
Daithi   01/Jun/2002:16:12:15
Keep up the good work!! Let's not allow the RUC to slither back under
their rock once again!!
Martin   30/May/2002:18:03:27
Best wishes to the Ludlow family and supporters for truth and justice.
Eamonn(Eddie) Mac Ma 30/May/2002:08:36:30
Please keep up the work

Is mise

John Paul Allen Gifted Trust 30/May/2002:04:41:17
Hold it, I'm pretty sure I signed this guestbook the last time I was
here... hmmm, must be a sign that I'm getting old. Anyway, this is a
repeat visit and if I had signed before (and I still believe I did) I
would have told you that I really like what you've done here. Of
course I'm sure you get a lot of that anyway so I'm not telling you
anything new. So for the record, nice job.

Kate Ta ar la anois 30/May/2002:04:27:24
How long must we wait for justice for this family?
The time is now as the world is learning and investigating murders
committed by forces of the crown and those in collusion with them.

I lend full support to this campaign and have urged others to do so NOW!

Praise to the Ludlow family and their tenacity in the face of such
adversity as they search for justice.

Despite their great pain and sorrow the fight goes on because

May God guide you in your efforts as the search for truth and justice
continues..........the demand for answers in the murder of an innocent
man. ....and may God rest his soul.
R.I.P. Seamus Ludlow
Jeanette o'Hanlon   07/Apr/2002:11:50:21
May justice be done and Seamus finally rest in peace.
J.Malloy   07/Mar/2002:21:15:22
It is abvious the to all the bond that your family has...I sincerely
hope that justice is done...Just to tell you that my thoughts are with
you all...Although the murder of Seamus will stay with us forever may
you all find everlasting peace soon.

Seán Mac Mathúna Flame Online 20/Feb/2002:00:53:26
A chara

I just wanting to write and say that l fully support the Justice for
Seamus Ludlow Campaign. I am also more than happy that my article in
Flame (The SAS, their early days in Ireland and the Wilson Plot [http://
]) has been linked to
sites that support your campaign. Your site is informative and very
useful for those who are continuing to investigate this and many other
events that happened in Ireland during over the last 30 years or so. Keep
up the good work !

I have now updated our site and the links on this article to your web

Seán Mac Mathúna,

thomas c mullally   08/Feb/2002:23:59:26
To all the family of Seamus Ludlow,-you are all in my thoughts.
Keep up the fight to clear his name, success and justice will
eventually come.
Tommy Mullally, Swansea
thomas c mullally   08/Feb/2002:23:56:42
MARTY EGAN   23/Jan/2002:21:59:21
Your page is impressive.
Modern day Irish/American activists
like Jim Kane and Linda Porro are inspiring.
Keep up your great work and dedication. Marty Egan
Rory McArdle   28/Nov/2001:15:48:59
Seamus, you will always be in our thoughts. I know you and Dad (Joe
McArdle) and Mum (May McArdle) are together again. God bless....Rory
Liam Sweeney   15/Oct/2001:13:53:06
Continue to seek justice. One day it may come.
Tom Moore   05/Sep/2001:15:06:07
Our prayers and thoughts are with the Ludlow family in their quest for

"A little white lie is about fishing,
Or how much you won at the track,
But when you lie about the killing of people,
That's the kind of a lie we call black."

From the members of the Pat McGeown Unit of Irish Northern Aid, Kansas
City, Missouri,

Tom Moore

Chris Fogarty and Ma The Mass Graves of Ireland: !845-1850 04/Sep/2001:04:30:23
Our salute to you, Ludlow family, for demanding basic justice for
us all. We add our voice to yours. May Ireland's gov't soon begin
to act like a republic instead of a monarchy's puppet.

Jacob Ludlow   05/Aug/2001:03:05:53
Dear Ludlow family, I am grieved to hear of your terrible loss. I was
trying to research my family tree when I came across your website. I
hope that some day the killers will be brought to justice. With my
catholic up-bringing, I have been taught to be fair to all and to
always fight for justice of the oppressed. Living here in America, I
will never be able to understand all of the turmoil that has plagued
your country. If there is anything I can do to help my fellow Ludlows',
just name it! You are all in my prayers.

God bless you,
Jacob Ludlow
Marie   17/Jun/2001:21:21:56

Once again the hypocrisy of those who deny Ireland her right to be a
sovereign nation and the lackeys who support them has been blwon wide
open for all to see.

But these mechanisms that certain "members" of the "Free World" and the
so called shall be used to bring their shameful deeds to the worlds

Britain and her henchmen in the Republic will be brought to book for
this heinous and pointless crime. You will no longer intimidate
Ireland or her people in this way and justice will come for Seamus no
matter how long it takes.

God Bless you Seamus and your family.
Seamus Mac An Ghabha n/a 06/Apr/2001:23:24:45
Dear Ludlow Family,
May i express my deepest sympathy for your sad loss
and hope that the truth of Seamus' death is revealed to the whole word
to show the tyrant british crowns acts of slaughter and terorism. Life
springs from death and hopefully your greive can be reduced when the
murders are revealed. God Bless Seamus Ludlow and may he rest in peace
for eternity.
S.P.Mac an Ghabhann

Michael Cannon   27/Mar/2001:11:10:37
While going through my mail I came upon a mail that asked for folks to
sign the guestbook and offer words of encouragement to this family...I
would hope the Ludlow family does not for even one instant think that
they are forgotten...or Seamus is forgotten...they are not...none of
Irelands volunteer sons....and daughters...have been forgotten in the
past...are not now being forgotten...nor will they be forgotten in the
future...the shame of it all is the weak-kneed Irish government turns a
blind eye to matters such as this...and the british terrorists are
allowed to continue with the killings/murders...these murders...it
matters not if they are commited due to sectarianism or political in
nature...need to have such an outcry that none who hear/read about them
can let them slip idley by...world pressure needs to be brought on the
londontown govt. and the Belfast politico's...!!
John Navin   20/Mar/2001:03:31:03
I was invited to look at this page and saw the RUC again hiding the
truth and this time with the Irish Police Shame Shame on you, have you
not they learn playing with the RUC will get you trouble ,they have to
many skeletons in their closets JUSTICE will be served for the Ludlow

Duine á rá agus Dia á dhéanamh.

Slán go fóil

John Navin
"Ireland Without Justice Shall Never Be At Peace!"
Susan Fargel   19/Mar/2001:19:22:43
This is a very important site and an important cause. Good luck and God
bless. The truth will be told
Jeannie   19/Mar/2001:00:49:06

Jim J. Kane - yes, another one of his fans - told me about this site and
I wanted to let you know I support what you are doing and hope that the
facts and truth will emerge regarding Seamus and what happened to him.
My prayers are with you and yours, and I have placed Seamus' name (RIP)
on my prayer list. I will do what I can to lend support to the
discovery truth and enlightenment of others about Seamus. Thank you.

Mike   05/Feb/2001:00:10:13

Jim J. Kane has pointed me to this site. Know that the Ludlow family
is in my prayers in their struggles. It is time that justice stops
being blind long enough to realize that the atrocities that have, are,
and will be commited cannot be stopped until the imperialistic
oppressor, England, is stopped!
James Kane   23/Dec/2000:00:53:07
As a friend and of Jim J. Kane, I committed to helping your family in a
way possible. As the taking of a family member is not enough, the
family of Seamus Ludlow has been further stricken by the inability or
unwanting of the RUC and Irish Governments to finally put closure to
this matter. I hope and pray that closure does come quickly, fairly,
and justly. After this closure, I hope that the family can begin the
healing process of this tragic and senseless event. I wish you will in
search for justice, peace, and closure. James Patrick Kane
Sandra Alesandras POW/MIA page 20/Nov/2000:03:27:18
Just as we need here in the US need closure for our men missing durung
the VietNam "Conflict". The family of Seamus Ludlow and others whose
death may be questionable need closure. Many cover ups have occurred
in countries Here My POW/MIA was seen bu y an Irish man who reported
seeing this man alive. Our govt. choose to ignore his report! I
strongly feel the Ludlow family needs to be given the full truth of
what happened on the night Seamus was murdered!! It is the humane
thing to do, and is in actuality to little to late. My heartfelt
condolences to a family who has grieved far too long and now needs rest.
Sandra   20/Nov/2000:03:13:45
Maryanne Mooney   17/Nov/2000:00:13:37
I wish the family of Seamus Ludlow peace and closure. I hope the
censure of the book Unfinished Business can be resolved. I will pass
the information on to friends and family.

Maryanne Mooney
Patrick Seiler   14/Nov/2000:21:10:15
Best wishes to you and yours on the justice of Seamus' death. The
people of Ireland have been put through far too much over the past
eight centuries and for the troubles to strike one so close and dear
is 1000 times worse. We'll hold you and Seamus in our prayers.

Go sirbhe Dia duit,
Patrick, Jennifer and Shannon Seiler
Walsh   12/Nov/2000:23:18:25
The family is in my prayers. It is very aggravating to see the lack of
action by the authorities. It suggests cover up and/or corruption.
Never let the past rest as they want it to. Stand up and demand
justice. Sooner or later, the truth will be faced by the authorities
and the sentence carried out.
mark   21/Oct/2000:07:39:47
don't give up the no matter how hard the truth will come out. May
justice be served you are in my thoughts
Carroll Oden   18/Sep/2000:15:41:44
Although it is to late for a speedy inquiry in the death of Seamus
Ludlow our prayers are with you for a just inquiry and clousure for the
family and supporters of justice for Seamus Ludlow.
Carroll Oden
Phoenix INA -&- Irish Human Rights Coalitio
Sean McDonagh   17/Sep/2000:07:49:15
Ar dheis Dé a anam.
jason   17/Sep/2000:02:35:56
my thoughts and prayers are with you!! best of luck in your pursuit of
justice!!! tiocfaidh ar la!!!
Noel Cassidy fonc 16/Sep/2000:18:18:32
My best wishes for a speedy and just inquiry into Seamus's murder
Mike McGinnis   16/Sep/2000:17:44:17
May God smile on you endeavors. Good luck.

Mike McGinnis
TaraGregory   09/Sep/2000:02:03:08
Thanks for sharing this information with us all!
God's blessings be upon you!
Maire Kelly   31/Aug/2000:01:13:23
Excellent site. Truth and justice shall prevail.
Scott McCullion   30/Aug/2000:13:44:13
The investigation into this death along with the many others where
collusion is highly suspect should all be investigated by an independent
inquiry. It's a wide open secret that state forces are involved in
hundreds of murders. Hopefully justice will prevail.


Michael Kerry   27/Aug/2000:08:03:41
A Chara,

Congratulations on this great site! And best of luck with a successful
campaign! Please e-mail me if you need another letter writer.

Le meas,

Susan   03/Aug/2000:10:53:34
This is a wonderful site. Please let me know if there's anything I can
do to help and thanks Jim, for directing me
Robert K Stringer   20/Jul/2000:14:11:23
I wish that all violence in Ireland would come to an end. Nothing can
end the pain of your loss but I hope that events of truth and justice
will come about to ease the pain.
Mark My Homepage 20/Jul/2000:12:18:00
Great work on the site and best of luck with everything.

Tiocfaidh ar la!
Kate Ta ar la anois 20/Jul/2000:05:55:30
I have this link on my page........

To the Ludlow family.....may you know justice and find peace.
Keeping you and yours in my prayers.............
Anything I can do I will.

Ta ar la anois
Cin   18/Jul/2000:20:49:49
Very thorough and informative site ~ good job on it. Who can we lobby
most effectively in order to get that public inquiry? You have our
support and best wishes for success!
Sharon Douglas   18/Jul/2000:20:19:40
With you in the struggle! God's peace and blessings on you.
Linda Porra Troubles 24/Jun/2000:18:16:17
Dear Ludlow Family,

hello again, just a few words to let you know that Jim and I are still
writting letters on behalf of your family. Though we havent received
too many responses in return.. we are still writting just the same. I
am currently writting another article and will be submitting it to our
local paper along with submitting this article to more newspapers in
massachusetts and the New England area..I will let you know how things
go and who publishes this article.. keep the faith and may God bless

Sincerely yours..

your Comrade
Linda Porra
Linda Porra   24/Jun/2000:18:11:10
Dawn Ireland's OWN 15/May/2000:00:21:10
Three young Irish Republican POW's were convicted last year of
conspiracy to cause explosions, a charge frequently used in england
against Irish people that requires little evidence to secure a
conviction. Anthony Hyland, 26, was jailed for 25 years and
Darren Mulholland, 20, and Liam Grogan, 21, sentenced to 22 years each.
All three are entitled under EU law to be repatriated to a prison in
their home country where they can have access to visits from their
families. They were sentenced twelve months ago and are still awaiting
repatriation. The Irish Republican Prisoners Welfare Association, or
which I am a member, is calling for the immediate repatriation of Tony,
Darren and Liam. Please sign the online petition at

Many thanks, Dawn
Cathleen O'Brien Friends Of Irish Freedom 22/Apr/2000:05:33:19
To Michael -&- all the Family of Seamus Ludlow: You are in our thoughts
and prayers this Easter. We shall share Seamus' story at our Annual
Easter Commemoration in New York. We shall continue to share his story
throughout the year at various functions. We wish you success in your
efforts to expose the truth of his brutal murder. Our hearts go out to
all who have lost loved ones in Ireland's struggle for Free
Ed Treacy   20/Apr/2000:16:32:26
Dear Linda,

Truth has a way of winning out in the end. That is my experience, and
this Seamus Ludlow's Truth is but one, small mosaic of the Big Picture,
but sooo important nonetheless.

But the AVENUE to resolution of Truth is often hard, long and beset with
trials and pitfalls; there are dark days when NOTHING is guaranteed. You
are walking that road now, and because you and people like you are doing
the FOOTWORK, someday (I promise you)I have faith that Truth will
prevail. Be not deterred, and know there are people who respect you for
your diligence, your resolute conviction and your SCRUPLES.

Tiocfaidh Ar La, mo chara! (Our Time Will Come, my friend)

Your comrade,
TRACY BAKKEN   19/Apr/2000:13:00:31
Trish Free Eire 19/Apr/2000:02:47:33
All strength to you in your efforts towards truth and justice in the
loss of your loved one. If there is any way I can assist, please
contact me.

I am looking to redo and relaunch my website soon, and when I do I will
be sure your cause is prominently linked there. God bless and take

Is mise,

Jim J. Kane   14/Apr/2000:21:04:47
Michael rest assured you have friends helping you and your family to
clear the name of Seamus, and to help bring his murders to their long
over due trial and their just punishment, in due time Michael, God
Bless and keep the faith my friend.
Margaret Urwin   11/Apr/2000:16:07:21
Congratulations on the excellent website, Michael. You deserve nothing
less a full public tribunal of inquiry into the murder of your Uncle
Seamus. Justice for the Forgotten (the families of the victims of the
Dublin and Monaghan bombings and the wounded) are fully with you.

Keep up the good work Michael and Jimmy.

From Margaret.
Toni Carragher South Armagh Farmers -&- Residents Committee 09/Apr/2000:17:21:56
Dear Michael, Congratulations on this excellent web site. We support
your cause in the fight to have those responsible for this most
cowardly act of murder, to be brought to justice and shielded by the
British Government and other cohorts to many to mention.
david granville   05/Apr/2000:08:22:31
Excellent website. As editor of the Irish Democrat, the campaigning
newspaper of the Connolly Association, I will be more than happy to
publicise the address in the next issue of the paper. Our thoughts are
with you in your fight for truth and justice.
David Granville
Irish Democrat (editor)
Linda Porra Troubles of northern Ireland 02/Apr/2000:19:42:14
I have just read about your plight. May God be with you in your
struggles. I will certainly keep you in my prayers. I will also take
the initiative to do a letter writting Campaign on behalf of your son.
If enough people take a little time to speak out, and speak up, some
good has got to come from it! If you need any more assistance, please
dont hestitate to contact me. I would be more than happy to help.

Linda Porra
432 South Street
Southbridge, MA. 01550
E-Mail: WidowSpiders30@aol.com
Jim J. Kane   02/Apr/2000:14:01:16
Sight is well done, Keep the faith as with all those murdered the truth
will prevail in time and those responsible for these atrocities will be
brought to justice and held accountable for their crimes.
Bill Rolston   29/Mar/2000:16:35:57

Well done on the website. The truth will out - keep struggling!
Stan Beal   29/Mar/2000:04:02:03
Well done and best wishes.

Stan Beal
Fort Worth, Texas
Don Mullan   28/Mar/2000:20:12:26
Congratulations on this important initiative. The life and death of
Seamus Ludlow is important to remember. His murder is symbolic of too
many unsolved murders in the Irish Republic where the active
involvement of the UK security forces are suspected. These include,
amongst others, the 1974 Dublin and Monaghan Bombings. The Irish State
owes it to its own citizens, especially the families of the murdered,
to thoroughly investigate all aspects of their deaths and the vexed
question of whether or not their abandonment by the forces of law and
order was due to natural justice having been compromised. There is
need for not only an Inquiry, but a cross jurisdictional Tribunal of
Inquiry, involving the Government of the United Kingdom.
Anne Cadwallader n/a 28/Mar/2000:18:42:46
Congratulations on this website and please keep in touch if there's
anything I can do to help in the campaign.


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