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The Irish Independent, 5 November 20095:

Garda chief vows to clear his name in Ludlow probe inquiry

Tom Brady
Security Editor
Former Garda Commissioner Larry Wren vowed last night to clear his name at an inquiry into the investigation of the murder of Seamus Ludlow.

Mr Wren said he would vindicate himself before an Oireachtas committee in January, which has been set up to examine the findings of a report by Mr Justice Henry Barron on the garda handling of the shooting in 1976.

The Barron report said a crucial decision to abandon plans to interview four named suspects outside the State was probably taken by Mr Wren, who was then head of C3 crime and security section.

However, last night Mr Wren told the Irish Independent this conclusion was ridiculous and there was not a scintilla f evidence to justify the assessment reached by Mr Justice Barron.

Ludlow, a 47-year-old forestry worker, from Dundalk, was killed by a loyalist gag in a random sectarian murder after he accepted a lift in a car while on his way home near the Border.

Four names of suspects were subsequently supplied by the RUC to gardai but the gardai did not seek permission to cross the border and sit in on interviews with them.

Barron concluded that a decision had been taken to avoid a scenario where gardai might feel obliged to reciprocate by allowing RUC officers to attend interviews of suspects in the State. The report said Mr Wren was likely to have discussed the move with other senior gardai and possibly senior officials from the Justice Department.

But the absence of files meant this could not be confirmed.

However, last night Mr Wren totally disputed this account and said he had no conversations with anybody about interviewing suspects outside the jurisdiction.

He said a directive had been issued in 1953 by the assistant commissioner in charge of crime branch stating that while officers could travel across the Border in the investigation of ordinary crime, this did not apply to crimes regarded as subversive or political.

"More than 20 years later that directive still stood and every senior officer was aware of it.

"I am not aware of any discussions on a decision about sending officers across the Border.

"It simply did not arise. The conclusion reached by Mr Justice Barron beggars comprehension.

"There is no way any deputy commissioner would consider a decision like that without consulting with the commissioner or a senior department official," he concluded.


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