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News of the World, 6 November 2005:

I'm no killer, says 'branded' UDA man

Loyalist hits at Report

By Martin Breen

A loyalist named in an explosive Irish judicial investigation as part of a gang that killed a Co Louth man last night denied any involvement in the murder.

But Paul Hosking admitted he was present at the moment when forestry worker Seamus Ludlow, 47, left, was shot dead by members of the Red Hand Commando terrorist group in May 1976 near Dundalk.

Mr Justice Barron's report named Hosking, of Co Down, as a member of the four-man gang involved in the murder and told how he had later named the gunman to police.

Hosking said of the killing: "These boys came down to the bar I was drinking in. I was in the UDA at the time.

"We took a drive. I was in the car and we picked up this guy. The guy got out of the car to go to the toilet and he was shot."


The Barron Report described Mr Ludlow as the victim of a 'random sectarian killing of a blameless Catholic civilian'.

hosking has been interviewed twice by RUC detectives, in 1986 and 1998, but has never been charged with any offence.

He said he may make a submission to the Irish Justice Committee, which will consider the report in January.

Hosking said: "This has been gouing on for years. I feel like I am the victim. My family have gone through hell." The Ludlow family have called for a public inquiry.

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See press release from Margaret Urwin, Secretary of Justice for the Forgotten.

See also, the following press coverage of yesterday's publication of the private Barron Report:

UTV news online, 3 November 2005: 'Barron report to be published'

See also, the following press coverage of yesterday's publication of the private Barron Report:

The Irish Independent, 4 November 2005: Ludlow family insists public inquiry is crucial to getting justice for their father

BBC News online: 4 November 2005: Call for public inquiry into 1976 murder

RTE News online, 4 November 2005: Wren rejects Barron report finding

The Irish Times, 4 November 2005: Ludlow report criticises Garda investigation

The Belfast Telegraph, 4 November 2005 Relatives of man killed by loyalists urge police action probe

The Irish Examiner - Editorial, 4 November 2005: Family needs a full-scale inquiry

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The Ludlow family supports the campaign by the Rooney and Watters families of Dundalk for an inquiry into the murderous Dundalk Bombing of 19 December 1975 which resulted in the sectarian murder of Jack Rooney and Hugh Watters. Further information can be accessed at their campaign website.

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