The Murder of Seamus Ludlow in County Louth, May 1976. Towards a public inquiry?







3 July 2002 - The Irish Attorney General has directed the Coroner for County Louth to hold a fresh inquest into the death of Seamus Ludlow.  . . . . Please return for updates and important developments.    This photograph of Seamus Ludlow was taken later in his life.This is a youthful photograph of Seamus Ludlow, taken several years before his murder.This memorial stone marks the place where the dead body of Seamus Ludlow was discovered on Sunday 2nd. May, 1976. This new stone recently replaced another stone.




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The Dundalk Democrat, 17 April 1999:

Newry Council support Ludlow family cause

Members of Newry and Mourne District Council last Monday met with relatives of the late Seamus Ludlow and voted to support the family in their call for a public enquiry into the May 1976 murder of the Mountpleasant man, writes Anne-Marie Eaton.

Michael Donegan, Seamus' nephew this week spoke of his and the family's delight in receiving the support of the Councillors. He explained that as a result of sending the Council a copy of the report on the death compiled by British Irish Rights Watch, he along with Seamus' brother Kevin and another nephew Brendan Larkin met with the Council members.


Michael spoke to the Councillors on behalf of the family and explained the appeal for a public enquiry into the death of Seamus Ludlow. At present a file has been sent to the Director of Public Prosecutions in the North of Ireland regarding the case.

The Councillors in giving their support to the family praised them for their efforts so far. It is understood that the Council will now write to the relevant authorities in the North and South and also appeal for a public enquiry and access to case files.


Michael Donegan acknowledged the support of the Newry and Mourne District Council and thanked them for allowing him to discuss the family's plight and also listening attentively to their appeal.

Seamus Ludlow's murder was also the subject for an article in the latest edition of Magill Magazine, highlighting allegations that his murderers identities were known to members of the Gardai two decades ago but no action was taken.

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